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After fishing for over 10 years, I thought it would be great to open up my own tack store and blog. So here it is, I'm here to give some great bass fishing tips and suggest some great fishing lures for bass fishing. This includes rock bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and some saltwater bass. Bass fishing is one of the best outdoor sports to participate in, it's taken off down south as well as up in the northern states. Personally, after you read some of my articles, you'll find out my favorite bass to fish for is smallmouth. Nothing fights like a four pound smallmouth bass in the Great Lakes. Anyways, I welcome you to my store and hope you have a fun time reading my fishing tips and articles.

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Bass Fishing information!

The optimum time to go largemouth bass fishing is in the early mornings and nights within three days before & after a full moon. Try to seafood submerge buildings and factors, largemouth bass loves points since it is easy access from shallow in order to deep water.

Whenever bass angling, search for big toned areas around the lake and start throwing crank baits and spinner baits early in the day. Then, look for buildings about the drinking water for example immerse big chunks of rock, trees, unwanted weeds, etc.. Largemouth bass use these structures to cover in, to wait prey.

However, there are many ways to catch bass, early morning as well as evening is actually top water attract period for me personally. This is when I like a flying bait for example rapalas, zara spook and toads & frogs within the hotter months. Search for comes around the river once the bass are education and feeding on shads, then throw these top water fishing lures out and twitch & quit along the surface of the drinking water. Once the seafood will go following your own bait, then you’ll see why they are some of my personal favorite lures to make use of.

Within the chillier several weeks through past due fall to springtime, largemouth bass are more likely to be found within the shallows along the shorelines as well as below overhanging trees and shrubs. But when it will get hotter, bass has a tendency to proceed to deeper drinking water where it’s awesome. This is where you need to change your strategy. It is now time for plastic worms, jigs and pipes.

Plastic material worms would be the most versatile bait within an anglers arsenal and also the most effective fishing lures when it comes to largemouth bass fishing. You are able to rig these within numbers of ways such as tx platform, carolina rig or a drops hot platform. You can fish the actual plastic worms fast, sluggish, drag all of them, rebound them or just plain go swimming all of them. Allow the largemouth bass dictate how you seafood these types of baits.

Bass Fishing Skill

Large mouth bass Fishing

Large mouth bass Fishing is one of the most widely used sports in the U.S., Sydney, and North America along with other nations. Various competitions tend to be held every year to permit hundreds of individuals to feature their newly captured largemouth bass. While bass is edible seafood, individuals who participate doing not really treat it because food, instead they give it back into the water following calculating as well as weighing their own award-winning capture.

The secret to a successful profession in Bass Angling mostly depends upon the actual equipments you utilize. Be aware, however, that the tools used by the fly-fishing angler are different from the equipments employed for bass angling. Because of this, it is important to determine the things you'll need for the very first Angling kit.

Large mouth bass angling supplies a plethora associated with lures and techniques. However, deciding on the best tools for a newbie may be a complicated job. Because of this, numerous beginners collects countless rods, fishing lures as well as reels which wind up inappropriate with regard to fishing large mouth bass varieties. To save lots of lots of money trying and screening to find the correct equipments, you should first understand your options to create an informed choice.

Contents of the first Large mouth bass Fishing Kit

Purchasing rods, reels as well as your tackle is an essential thing to consider when beginning a spare time activity or even career within bass fishing. Due to the variety of lures accessible, you might need a number of supports in order to seafood correctly. Nevertheless, a person don’t need to buy all supports at the same time, especially when you’re simply learning your skills.

For novices which are planning to seafood in clear waters, it is best to begin with only two types of supports -- the 6’ medium-action, spinning rod along with a 6’6” heavy-action, flipping rod. Having these two kinds of rods on hand can allow you to master various soft-plastic techniques as well as continue to learning techniques that are more advanced when you purchase additional supports.

Regarding selecting artificial lures, you shouldn’t adhere to an expert angler and purchase a large number of different lures previously. Rather, you need to stick to the basics and also hard wearing. Selection easy. Remember that having plenty of fishing lures can only make it more difficult that you should choose the suitable bait.

Large mouth bass Tackle

There are 4 types of lures accessible - soft plastics, jig and pig, spinner baits or even turn lures and best waters. Each type associated with attract has different colours, sizes, designs as well as looks that could complement any type of climate or even drinking water condition.

Best Fishing Lure for Bass Fishing

I'm not going to best around the bush here bass fisherman. After fishing for more than 10 years, I've discovered the best fishing lure for bass fishing. What lure is it, well you might of seen or heard about it one point in your life. It's named the Beetle Spin. This fishing lure is a pretty good fishing lure out of the box, but let me tell you this, after you modify it with my secret accessory you'll become one of the best bass fisherman out of the water. What you do is take off the dull silver tear drop spinner, then replace it with a gold willow leaf spinner. This simple modification turns it into a bass magnet. With the stock jig head, the fishing lure is good for 4-6 feet of water. If you want to fish deeper, go with a heaver jig head. I'm tell you, this fishing lure works. It's become the best bass lure in my tackle box and if you pick one up, I can guarantee it will be come yours as well.

Replica Bass Mounts

Instead of killing the fish and getting the fish mounted as a trophy, now companies are allowing a replica instead to hang on the wall. This allows you to release the fish and fight it again or even spawn more baby bass with it's good genes. You can do this with any fish, other than smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

Lake Baccarac Lodge Huge Largemouth Bass

Lake Baccarac Lodge is host of the largest bass known to man, just checkout this largemouth bass this fisherman caught from Lake Baccarac. The hottest baits to use on the lake are 6 inch senkons in watermelon or black/blue colors. I haven't fished the lake yet, but I still plan on maybe registering for a day. It's kind of expensive, it's a private lake so they charge to fish the lake. But just a little background check, Lake Baccarac has produced more 10 pound bass in the last 3 years than any other lake in Mexico. The lake was stocked in 1978 with a strain of Florida largemouth bass.

Largemouth Bass Trophy

I'm still looking for a huge bass to mount, just like this trophy you see in this picture.  This is a real cool trophy, largemouth bass and a bluegill together.  I think I'm going to mount a smallmouth bass instead of a largemouth bass since my local lake is just filled with them.

lake St. Clair isn't really known for having record size largemouth bass.  But hey, if I ever catch like a 7 or 8 pound largemouth bass I might mount it.  This year I already caught three four pound smallmouth bass, waiting for the big one!

Buster Trophy Series Fishing Boat

If you're looking for a small boat with all the works for half the price of a real bass boat, checkout Buster Boats. They have a Buster Trophy Series fishing boat that comes with ever accessory you'll need for bass fishing: trolling motor, fish finder, aerated livewell, ice chest, and trailer. Soon as you get it shipped to you, it will be ready to go out fishing immediately.

I bought a similar boat by Pelican called the Bass Raider. The boat was so cool, it was easy to transport and worked well on all the local inland lakes around me. It was my first fishing boat ever, I managed to land some really huge largemouth bass and smallmouth bass on the boat. Even though these boats are small, you're still able to catch some monster fish on them.

Goliath Grouper Bass

It's absolutely amazing how big goliath grouper bass can get, I guess that's how they got their name goliath grouper. This bass picture before you is of a Goliath Grouper caught down in Charlotte Harbor down in Boca Grande.

The fisherman holding the huge bass fish is Randy Knowles. Congratulations Randy on the awesome catch, it's definitely a keeper! I still haven't even been able to saltwater fish yet, if I ever do, I'll know what type of fish to go after. These goliath grouper bass are amazing!

Underwater Camera of Catching Largemouth Bass

This is one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen taken of a largemouth bass. Thanks to technology, this underwater camera is able to spot a bass right when it's about to hit a crankbait in the water. It's so weird to see something like this underwater. One day I'm going to see if I can buy one of these underwater cameras for my fishing boat, would be really fun to use.

Bass Trophy

These are just some cool bass trophies you can win at some fishing competitions. Probably nothing like the real bass fishing tournaments on TV, but some of the local bass tournaments you might compete at locally.