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Best Fishing Lure for Bass Fishing

I'm not going to best around the bush here bass fisherman. After fishing for more than 10 years, I've discovered the best fishing lure for bass fishing. What lure is it, well you might of seen or heard about it one point in your life. It's named the Beetle Spin. This fishing lure is a pretty good fishing lure out of the box, but let me tell you this, after you modify it with my secret accessory you'll become one of the best bass fisherman out of the water. What you do is take off the dull silver tear drop spinner, then replace it with a gold willow leaf spinner. This simple modification turns it into a bass magnet. With the stock jig head, the fishing lure is good for 4-6 feet of water. If you want to fish deeper, go with a heaver jig head. I'm tell you, this fishing lure works. It's become the best bass lure in my tackle box and if you pick one up, I can guarantee it will be come yours as well.

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