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Hot Girls Bass Fishing

Nothing better than a fine chick bass fishing, this girl in this picture is so hot.  I've found that even my girlfriend likes to bass fish when she has time off work.  When she caught her first smallmouth bass in Lake St. Clair I knew she was hooked.  She couldn't believe how strong the fish caught, she claimed how beautiful the bass was when she landed it.

If you really like a girl, you should try taking her bass fishing. Maybe not on the first date, but on a second or third date, the girl might have fun. Bass fishing isn't for everyone though. Give it a try!

Gary Collins Record Largemouth Bass

Gary Collins has just caught his new personal best at Lake Casitas, the Largemouth Bass ended up weighing 13 pounds and 6 ounces. The huge bass was just filled with eggs, Gary Collins released the bass right after he caught her so she can spawn some baby bass. Gary Collins is a tournament bass angler that has competed in fishing tournaments all over the country.

Rapala Tournament Fishing: Bass Fishing Game

If Bass Pro Shops video game isn't enough for you, you should try Rapala's own Tournament Fishing game. This bass fishing game can be played on both consoles too: Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. But unlike "The Strike," this game is more versatile, you're able to fish for other fish such as Walleye, Salmon, and Trout.

Compete in over 20 tournaments, journey to more than 500,000 acres of the top angling waters in the world. When things get complicated, use your GPS to find fish. More than 300 Rapala branded lures have been updated for the latest offerings.

Bass Video Game: Bass Pro Shops The Strike

When winter comes around, a lot of us bass fisherman aren't up for ice fishing.  So what can us bass fisherman do in the meantime?  Well how about Bass Pro Shops new video game "The Strike."  The bass video game can be played on the PC and both video gaming systems: Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

It's gotten both a pretty good review on Team Xbox and IGN.  The game has overall pretty good graphics, just like in real life you'll be able to catch huge lunkers.  Use your fishing skills just you would do in real life.  In the video game, bass hide in weeds and over cover.  You're more like to find a big bass near a dock than you would just out in plain water.

The video game isn't perfect though, it's still has some glitches.  But overall it's the closest thing you'll get to real bass fishing.  So if you're bored in the winter, go out and buy Bass Pro Shops The Strike.  There's even a reel controller you can buy for the video game, allows you to reel and cast just you would do on shore or in your fishing boat.

Keeping Bass in Fish Tank

Has anyone thought about growing their own largemouth bass in a fish tank.  I think this would be a really cool task to do.  I've always wanted a fish tank, but never managed to save up for one.  Maybe this year I'll have enough money to buy one.

And I don't want to buy no dinky fish tank either, I would love to get a fish tank over a 100 gallons.  That would be really cool, maybe have a perch and some bluegill in there too.  But, I'm not sure how well the smaller fish would get along with the bass.  I bet the bass would probably eat a few of them.

I noticed that Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas have their own fish tank and they have multiple species of fish.  They seems to get a long quite well, but their fish tanks are huge.  I can imagine that having a smaller fish tank will probably not allow the fish to get a long quite well.  I still would like to breed a few bass in a fish tank, I think it would be really fun.

Largemouth Bass Painting

This is an actual painting of a largemouth bass being caught by a fisherman, isn't it just beautiful? I would love to have something like this over my bed when I wake up. I love bass fishing so much! Anyone have a cool bass painting like this in there house? If so, I would love to hear where you bought it at. I'm thinking about heading over to Bass Pro Shops this weekend to buy one, I'm sure they have some really nice ones.

Cathy Johnson Largemouth Bass

Cathy Johnson caught this huge largemouth bass in the state of Tennessee. The largemouth bass ended up weighing in at 13 pounds and 8 ounces, that's short of the state record by only a pound. The record has not been broken since 1954. Cathy Johnson caught this bass on an ultra light rod and only six pound test, this is a very impressive fish Cathy, you must be a really good bass fisherman.

Monster Striped Bass

It's just amazing how big striped bass can get, checkout this monster striped bass.  This fisherman is quite surprised with his catch, this baby must of weighed around 50 pounds or so.  Soon I would like to catch my own striped bass.

Two years ago down in Texas I was fishing on a striped bass lake, but never ended up catching one.  The lake was really deep, I think we were using to shallow of lures.  Next time I go down to Texas, maybe I'll get to hook one of these huge monster striped bass.  They sure are a beautiful striped bass.

Peacock Bass Fishing

A lot of my articles focus on freshwater bass fishing, but in this article I would like to emphasize on how cool peacock bass fishing can be. Just like largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing, peacock bass fishing can be quite fun. Just checkout how beautiful this peacock bass is in this picture, isn't it just magnificent? I still haven't caught a peacock bass, but one day I would like to.

Cool Largemouth Bass Decal

This is a really cool sticker that you can have imprinted on a hat or even any clothing. I for one would love to have it on my vehicle. Well you can do either of these if you want, Ranger Clothing and Goodies has this decal for one cheap price. It sure is a neat bass decal.