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Largemouth Bass Mailbox

Looking for a cool mailbox? Well you should purchase this largemouth bass mailbox, it's one of the coolest fishing accessories I have ever seen. It can be mounted on a few simple two by fours. The custom mailbox is quite cool, any real fisherman should have this in their driveway. I for one would have been thinking about buying one, it's pretty cool.

Great Fishing Movies: River Runs Through It

One of the greatest fishing movies is the River Runs Through it with Brad Pitt. Even though the movie isn't about bass fishing, it can still be liked by many different fishermen. The movie isn't just about fishing either, it's about life, love, and family. I love the part at the end when Brad Pitt hooks a huge salmon, he fights through the waves and travels down the river for a few minutes but it still able to land the fish. One of the best fishing movies of all time.

Bass with Minnow in its Mouth

Whenever you catch a bass, whether it be largemouth or smallmouth bass, it's always to check there mouth to see what they are feeding on. In this case, it was kind of obvious what the bass was feeding on. So the hint should be that a crankbait would be a good lure to go with.

I remember when I once caught a smallmouth bass that had a crayfish arm in it's mouth, the whole tweezer part of the arm. At first I thought it was a crankbait of some sort, but after examining it more, it was an actual crayfish. It sure was a crazy experience.

Sometimes you can find bugs and other stuff bass are feeding on. It's a great way to help you pick out a good lure out of your tackle box. A lot of fisherman might know this already, but I thought this tip might help some of the beginner fisherman.

Huge Smallmouth Bass Record Breaker

Checkout this huge smallmouth bass caught by a happy fisherman, it's not said how much the bass weighed, but I'm sure it is a record breaker in some state in the US. This smallmouth bass must of been a hell of a time trying to reel in. Huge smallmouth bass like this can really fight quite well.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing slow in Lake St. Clair

I've been trying to catch smallmouth bass in the last month at Lake St. Clair, things have been really slow.  I've tried crankbaits, jigs, and spinnerbaits yet the smallmouth bass don't seem to want to bite.  I guess were in a weird period of fishing, where the bass in remission, but in a few weeks the should be biting before winter.

I'm hoping to get to that point soon, because I'm getting sick of going out fishing any only catching one or two bass.  Lake St. Clair is known for its smallmouth, I know they are in there, just have to wait for the strong period of feeding.  It should be coming soon!

Blue Fox Spinnerbait for Bass Fishing

A lot of bass fisherman don't know this, but Blue Fox spinnerbaits can be very deadly on largemouth bass in the summer. Every now and I then I'd try a blue fox spinnerbait when nothing else is working in my tackle box. Blue Fox spinnerbaits leave a unique sound trail as it travels through the water, a lot of largemouth bass can't resist.

The flash of the spinner even adds more lure to the bass biting. And I also like the Blue Fox spinnerbait too because you can use it in weedy spots. If you don't know this already, spinners tend stay at the top when you reel them in quick. Thus, you'll be able to buzz them over weedy places on the lake. It's a great technique for the Blue Fox spinnerbait.

Clear Kayak for Bass Fishing

Now this would be a cool experience, bass fishing in a clear kayak. Have any of you done it before? I'm guessing you'll need a pretty clear lake or pond to do it, or else you won't be able to see anything beneath you. In the picture you can tell that that's the ocean in the background, now I would never go fishing in a kayak out in the ocean, hell to the no! I'm too afraid of the fish that lurk below, like huge shark and whales. At least you'll be able to see the monster shark before it comes and bites you, gives you time to jump out. But then the shark will get you anyways. As far as freshwater, I would have no problem stepping into a clear kayak or canoe. You can find these clear kayaks on Ebay or Sports Authority.

Kayak Bass Fishing

New to the fishing world is kayak bass fishing, it's become so popular that someone has come out with an official magazine about the sport. It's picked up around the world everywhere. Personally I haven't tried it, but I have tried something pretty close too it. Last year I bought the Bass Raider pontoon by Pelican. It was just a ball of fun, easy to transport and easy to launch.

Kayak fishing is very challenging too, every try landing a bass in a kayak, not easy at all. My thought is make sure you get a small net for your kayak if you plan on trying this sport out. Also balance is a key too, make sure you stay balanced when you hook a bass or you'll end up in the water immediately. It sure is a challenge!

Banjo Minnow for Bass Fishing

I know you might not believe me, but I think the Banjo Minnow is one of the best lures you can use on largemouth bass on inland lakes and ponds. The motion that the banjo minnow creates is quite impressive, the bass see it and can't resist.

Every little jerk that you make with your fishing rod gives the Banjo Minnow a realistic motion to the lure. They even have a weedless hook where you can jerk the Banjo Minnow in weedy and mucky spots. And the Banjow Minnow isn't just good for bass, it's great for other fish such as pike, walleye, and muskie.

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Monster Smallmouth Bass

Checkout this monster smallmouth bass caught by Ray Carigan, I would guess this smallmouth bass weighs in around 5 pounds, maybe even six pounds. Man when you hook one of these big bass they put up one hell of a fight. You better have a good reel, rod, and line. It's so enjoying to catch smallmouth bass all day!