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Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass Hangout

There's no doubt that Walleyes and Smallmouth bass hangout in similar locations. Now I don't think they travel in the same schools, but they do however lurk in similar ground. If you cath a walleye, chances are you may catch a smallmouth bass in the same location. This happened to me at both Kent Lake and Lake St. Clair. Both occasions, I caught a walleye and eventually followed up by a big smallmouth bass. At Kent Lake I was using a beetle sping, while in Lake St. Clair I was using a Bomber crankbait. This is something you should think about, it may help you track down both the species of fish: walleye and smallmouth bass.

Don’t get Addicted to One Fishing Lure

When you go fishing, you should never try to stick to one lure. Unless the fish are biting and you're catching a lot of bass on the particular lure you are using at the moment. But, if fishing is slow, you should definitely mix it up. In the summer I first like to try some of my crankbaits. If the bass aren't hiring on the crankbaits, I then try a worm or Berkley Powerbait 4" grub. Because the bass might be not responding to fast movements, they might be more likely to hit a slow worm.

If that fails, then there's the spinnerbait. Bass might respond to the flash and movement of the skirt on spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits are one of my favorites because you can fish them in all types of weedy places, fish them on top and also fish them in partially deep areas. If all else fails, give topwater a try. There's a ton of topwater lures out there such as the Zara spook that bass can't resist.

It's always good to have a wide selection of lures to use for all occasions. And remember to mix it up, I have to admit, I always tend to be lazy and stick to the crankbaits. I'm partially to them because they are easy to fish with, all you have to do is reel. But that can be major downfall for amateur fisherman, so remember to mix it up bass fisherman.

Zoom Tiny Brush Hog – Watermelon Red

A lot of bass fisherman everywhere have been talking about the Zoom Tiny Brush Hog. They say it's an awesome lure to use on largemouth bass in inland lakes everywhere. One color that has been a hit among bass is the watermelon red. That bass really love the color, it's great to use in both murky and clear water. You can use the Zoom Tinyr Brush Hot in a Carolina rig setup or just pushing it through a regular jig head. This is a soft plastic you definitely should have in your tackle box.

Take Girlfriend out Bass Fishing

You should definitely think about taking your girlfriend out fishing. Some say they won't enjoy it, but I think they need to try it first before they make the claim. I took my girlfriend out smallmouth bass fishing on Lake St. Clair and she was hooked completely. The first bass she caught weighed in around four pounds, she couldn't believe it. And she couldn't believe the fight they put up when you catch them, she was just astonished.

My girlfriends done it all: she's jigged fish, trolled, topwater fly fished, and crankbait fished as well. She's liked it all, her favorite is topwater fishing with the Zara spook and trolling. She likes trolling because she gets to see how the bass hit the rod, "it's pretty exciting" she claims.

This sure is a great way to get closer to your girlfriend too, she'll love you afterwards!

Crestliner Boat Great for Bass Fishing

A lot of fisherman really like bass boats for bass fishing, from companies such as Ranger, Triton, and Tracker. But, they really aren't the best bass fishing boat if you live near a pretty rough lake. I live near Lake St. Clair and the waves out there can get pretty rough at times, 3-4 feet tall. So what can us bass fisherman result to, well boats from great companies such as Crestliner and Lowe.

These boats feature an all welded hull and deep sides so the waves can't crash over. And just like a bass boat you can still mount a trolling motor in the front and troll around searching for bot smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. And the great thing is, if you're into trolling, these boats allow you to mount some trolling rod holders which you can't really do on bass boats.

To me, I'd rather own a Crestliner boat rather than any bass boat. Much more versatile and solid boat that is for sure! Here's a picture of my 1600 Superhawk Crestliner fishing boat. So far I have a Minn Kota trolling motor and a Garmin fish finder. Definitely one of the best investments I ever made on a boat.

Jimmy Houston Contract with SuperCaster

Jimmy Houston has just signed a five year contract with SuperCaster, a company known to make quality fishing equipment. Jimmy Houston, America's Favorite Fisherman, is in his 31st year on national television with Jimmy Houston Outdoors on VERSUS (OLN), America One, Faith TV, America Media Group, Lone Star Network and National Religious Broadcasters.

Irwin Jacobs Inducted Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

Chairman of FLW Outdoors Irwin Jacobs will be inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame on Tuesday, February 16th. If you can remember, Jacobs introduced the first $1 million first place cash award. Other inductees will be veteran anglers John Powell of Alabama and Woo Daves of Virginia.

Presidents Lake in Alabama best Bass Fishing

Ray Scott's own private "Presidents Lake" has been named the the top bass water in US by Outdoor Life Magazine. The legend proceeds him as Johnny Morris holds a monster largemouth bass with President Bush and Ray Scott himself. The only lake that really matched up to Presidents Lake was Lake Biwa in Japan. Widely known because of the record largemouth that was caught in November of 2009, tieing the America world record.

The lake is now open to a limited number of guests: great fisherman such as Kevin Van Dam, Roland Martin, Bill Dance and legendary pro angler Rick Clunn. Just a little history check on Ray Scott, he found the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) in 1968, pioneering national professional bass fishing tournaments and in the process ignited the modern bass fishing phenomenon. B.A.S.S.

So Ray knows a little more than the average fisherman about bass fishing. And now that he owns his own lake, you know it's one hell of a bass lake. Here's another great picture of Ray Scott with a big bass.

Pinnacle New Tournament Class Optimus Reels

Pinnacle has just released new set of baitcasting reels for bass fishing, they are called the new tournament class optimus reels. What sets these reels apart from others is the ultra smooth, extremely durable reeling process. And the great thing about these reels is they are extremely light, you won't feel anything different when you mount this on your rod. These reels are great for flip casting in weeds and hard to reach places you can't get with spinning reels and spincast reels.

Bomber Fat Free Shallow Crankbaits

Bomber really has some cool new colors for its Bomber Fat Free shallow diving crankbait. The colors are a lot more reflective than their previous colors. And even though the Bomber Fat Free diver is a shallow diver it will still catch smallmouth bass. It's a great all around lure for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Here are the colors down below.