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Bomber Model A Crankbaits still my Favorite

After all these years fishing, still find the Bomber Model A still my favorite crankbait to use. Why you might ask? Well because it's a very versatile lure, you can use the Bomber crankbait both during the spring, summer, and fall. And it catches not only bass, but big northern pike, walleye, and muskie! I use the Bomer Model A for both trolling and casting too, you should definitely pick up a number of colors for your tackle box.

Largemouth Bass: Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Well tried to do some bass fishing today out on Lake St. Clair today, the outcome wasn't too good. A lot I think has to do with the warming of the great likes I said in a previous post. All year bass fishing has been really slow. But, I was still able to pick up a largemouth bass in front of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. It put up a good fight too, thought it was a smallmouth bass at first but turned out to be a largemouth. My girlfriend who was with me also caught a largemouth bass, but ended up losing it near the boat, along with my spinnerbait lure. For some reason the snap swivel came lose.

Here's a great picture of the largemouth bass I caught.

Warm Water effects Bass Fishing

You know, bass fishing has been pretty poor all year round. Spring time bass were biting when I was trying to target pike and walleye, but after that it was just slow on Lake St. Clair. I read in the Detroit News it's due to all of the Great Lakes warming up, maybe due to global warming. All I know is I'm kind of pissed, first year I buy a boat and this is what happens.

I find that fishing in deeper areas of Lake St. Clair is better for smallmouth bass. Today I went out and fished medium deep water and shallow water, not one day smallie. Caught two largemouth though. All I know is hopefully next year fishing will be better.

Welcome to Bass Fishing Lures

After fishing for over 10 years, I thought it would be great to open up my own tack store and blog. So here it is, I'm here to give some great bass fishing tips and suggest some great fishing lures for bass fishing. This includes rock bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and some saltwater bass. Bass fishing is one of the best outdoor sports to participate in, it's taken off down south as well as up in the northern states. Personally, after you read some of my articles, you'll find out my favorite bass to fish for is smallmouth. Nothing fights like a four pound smallmouth bass in the Great Lakes. Anyways, I welcome you to my store and hope you have a fun time reading my fishing tips and articles.

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Thumbs Down for Gulp Alive

I'll tell you truthfully straight up, I tried Gulp Alive for a whole year! I tried using it in inland lakes, ponds, and larger likes such as Lake St. Clair. The bass just do not seem to like it. No where near as good as Berkley's old formula with Powerbait. I mean I'd catch a few bass with it, but nothing like the fisherman say in the commercials.

I did find a fish that likes it though, crappie seem to really respond to Gulp Alive quite well. I was fishing in a small lake in Rochester Michigan and I was just hooking one Crappier after another. I picked up some decent size crappie with Gulp Alive. I used the 3" minnow with black and white color shade.

I've tried many other colors and shapes as well, tried the worm, and the pogy. No luck with pogy whatsoever on bass. And the super worm shape I tried had horrible movement as well. It was too stiff and wouldn't twirl like a normal mister twister.

I guess the only thing good about Gulp Alive is it's biodegradable. Other than the fact it was good on crappie. For bass it was total thumbs down. Tried it in Carolina rig, drop shot rig, and with a regular jig head. No luck!

Berkley Powerbait Tube for Bass

An effective fishing lure to use on freshwater bass is the Berkley Powerbait tube. Choice in color is of course "green pumpkin" again. I just find that green pumpkin is the best color out of the bunch, been using it in all types of inland lakes and ponds and the color works great. All you need is some tube jig heads and practice jigging with it. I suggest jigging slow if it's cold out, jigging fast if it's pretty warm out. The Powerbait Tube is awesome for Walleye as well!

Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw

The Chigger Craw by Berkley Powerbait is just a dynamite soft bait to use for bass, both smallmouth and largemouth bass. When you jig it on the bottom with a jig head, the bass think it's a Crayfish. The best color to go with from my experience is "Green Pumpkin." Green pumpkin is a great color for both clear and dark water, preferably dark water though. It's even a better if you use a weedless jig so you can toss it in weedy and mucky places. You'll definitely pull some big lunkers and hogs out the lakes and ponds with this bass fishing lure.

Record Size Largemouth Bass

Checkout the size of this largemouth bass, the stomach looks like it's carrying a huge bowling ball in it. I'm amazed how big the largemouth bass get down south. This largemouth bass is well over 10 pounds, the largest bass I ever caught weighed in at around 8 pounds. Man I sure would love to catch one of these monster size bass.

Double Header while Fishing for Bass

Ever get a double header while fishing? Well I did not to long ago when I was trolling on Lake St. Clair. The fish I caught were two big smallmouth bass, hey that's an oxymoron! The one smallmouth bass ended weighing 3 pounds and 5 ounces, while the other smallmouth bass caught weighed in around 2 pounds.

Smallmouth Bass & Muskie the other Day

These are the two fish I caught other day around 13 mile, near St. Clair Shores out on Lake St. Clair. I was fishing in more of a shallow area, near the houses are. I picked up a nice size smallmouth bass and a young Muskellunge. The smallmouth bass put up one hell of, did a nice tail walk across the water. I almost lost it, but ended up netting it very quickly.