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Beetle Spin Bass Fishing Lure

If you're looking for a kick as lure for all occasions and situations, look no further than the beetle spin. I've used this for both ponds and lakes, I've noticed on thing is for sure, it catches fish! It's great for catching both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, but if you're a big walleye fisherman as well it catches walleye too. Other fish you can fish with the beetle spin are big northern pike and muskellunge.

And if you get bored of casting the beetle spin, try trolling it too. I went through a school of crappie one day and caught a dozen of them. The crappie were of great size too.

If you're a deep water fisherman, just detach the small jig head and use a heavier jig head your local fishing store provides. You wouldn't believe the huge smallmouth bass a beetle spin can pull out of the lake.

If you're local pond or lake is weedy, don't worry, you can buzz the beetle spin on top of the water. The spinner manages to cut through the weeds, protecting the hook from weeds. The lure isn't weedless, but since it has a spinner, it's easy to hover above and through the weeds. Once you use this fishing lure you'll know what I'm talking about.